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Message from Dee:


There is a war going on in our homes and nation. There is an enemy called Satan that is attacking every pillar that holds our society together with the purpose to destroy our faith in God. He’s attacking the foundation and core of our society; Families, Education, Government, Business, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and the Church.

Everywhere we turn we see an infiltration of evil, lawlessness, and lack of respect or honor for the things of God or for God himself.


With this rise of lawlessness, God is calling the Deborah's to rise up from indifference, from being on the fence, and take their stand wherever they are in life. To rise up in their Homes, Education, Government, Business, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and in the Church.


Every woman has a pillar in the society that God has called her to, and it's time to find where God has placed you, then rise up, represent God, and do the work of the ministry there.


At the Gathering of the Deborahs Company Conference, many women will give birth to dreams and ideas. The heavens will pour out God's Spirit on all flesh. The daughters of God will get a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit with fresh impartation, healing, restoration and explosion!


So get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Deborah's Company, the gathering of God's leading ladies all across the nation.  


You do not want to miss this outpouring and the revival of the women of God to arise and take their place on the front line.


GOD IS MOVING! Join the movement and be impacted!!!


"Deborah's Company conference was powerful. I was happy to participate in it."


"Such a powerful night"


"I was not going to attend, but thank God i did! It was sweet and amazing. Everyone touch me in  different ways. God was there and He touched me. I hope to see the next one in 6 months to come."


"I was blessed. In fact very blessed."


"I was at the conference. A friend invited me and i wasn't going to attend, but somehow I ended up there. I think God sent me there for you to speak to me!"


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your ministration and the entire group. More fresh anointing to you all in the name of Jesus Christ."


"Thank you for the conference, it was a turning point for me."


"Thank you for inviting me. I had fun!!!! THis is the first time I ever attended an event just from seeing a video. It was a great night."


"powerful, inspirational. I've been positively impacted. God bless your heart."


Thank you, I had a miracle. What a great and awesome service with the most powerful women of God.

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